Grammar Essentials

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Course Overview:

We use grammar everyday, so why is it that we don’t regularly review our knowledge? This course is designed to help you improve your writing and review the rules of grammar. You will have the opportunity to brush up on your skills and review some common rules of grammar that may have been forgotten.  This course will improve your written expression by providing grammatical lessons and reference materials.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the different parts of speech and the basics of sentence structure.
  • Learn to recognize sentence fragments and run on sentences.
  • Understand how to correctly use apostrophes, homophones and pronouns.
  • Learn to check for sentence structure agreement.
  • Review how to express yourself in a masterful way.

About ProTrain:

ProTrain is committed to offering world class interactive online courses that provide training and learning support for the student in a number of ways during their experience. The ProTrain course structure has been developed to provide activities to guide students throughout the entire process of learning. Learning activities include hands-on assignments that allow students to use what they are learning to allow better transferable skills within their work environments; and collaborative assignments, like wikis and discussion groups that allow them to share what they have learned with others in the same course.

While a student learns, they are not alone. Each student will receive guidance and support from his or her assigned Training Assessment Manager (TAM) and Student Services Specialist (SSS) representative. In addition, we will offer live monthly webinars and feedback sessions for various subject categories. Throughout the entire course, students are monitored by the SSS representative using progress reporting from the ProTrain Registration System (PRS).

ProTrain will provide Students who successfully complete their online certification programs and pass their industry level certification exams the access to the new ProTrain Education-2-Employment Career Tracker system. The Career Tracker will allow our students who pass exams to load their own resumes at no additional cost, and letting industry employers find their talent through the same database.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1. Parts of Speech

In this first lesson, you will become familiar with the different parts of speech.

Lesson 2. Homophones…Don’t Get Confused

In an effort to avoid sentence structure errors, you will review common homophones and how to select the right word for your sentence.

Lesson 3. Why Do We Need Apostrophes Anyways?

This lesson will focus on how and when to use apostrophes.

Lesson 4. Mastering the Basics of Sentence Structure

Sentence structure requires a subject and a predicate. In this lesson, you will learn how to identify the subject and the predicate in each sentence.

Lesson 5. Is this a Complete Sentence?

Are you able to spot a sentence fragment? This lesson will review how to check if you have created a complete sentence.

Lesson 6. Don’t Run On!

Sometimes it is difficult to know when to end a sentence and start a new sentence. This lesson will focus on identifying the natural end to a sentence.

Lesson 7. What is in a Verb?

Verbs describe the action in a sentence and using them properly helps you to hone your written expression.

Lesson 8. Pronouns…Small, but Mighty!

The use of pronouns is quite tricky at times. This lesson will focus on the proper use of pronouns.

Lesson 9. Do We All Agree?

Grammatical consistency is what drives this lesson. You will learn how to check that your subjects, verbs and pronouns all agree.

Lesson 10. Find the Inconsistency

Checking your work for inconsistencies will become second nature after mastering this lesson.

Lesson 11. Writing in a Curated Way

Learning how to express yourself in a manner that is edited for clarity is the key to mastering grammar.

Lesson 12. Refresh Your Memory

This last lesson will refresh your grammar school knowledge and review capitalization rules, semicolon uses, parentheses and dashes.

All necessary materials are included.

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System Requirements:

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